Rasha Camoun kidnappades!

Den PYD styrda självadminstrationen kidnappade den assyriska kvinnan, Rasha Chamoun söndagen den 3 juli i staden Derik i Norra Syrien. I uttalandet nedan fördömer Assyriska Demokratiska Organisationen gripandet och kräver Rashas frigivning omedelbart.

Statement on the arrest of Mrs. Rasha Fahmy Chamoun

On Sunday 3/7/2022, one of the security services affiliated with the de-facto authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria AANES, detained Mrs. Rasha Fahmy Shamoun, a Syriac Assyrian woman, who was previously employed in one of the departments affiliated with this administration, in the city of Al-Malikiyah (Derik). The ordeal in which the incident took place is closer to kidnapping, where she was lured by one of her colleagues with the intent to arrest her. The news of the arrest was carefully guarded and became known only five days later, because of the secrecy imposed by her family, out of fear that she may be tortured.

Upon receiving the news of Mrs. Shamoun, the leadership of the ADO and some church leaders took the initiative to communicate with leaders and parties in the AANES to exert pressure on the de facto authority for her speedy release. However, despite the promises made to release her, Ms. Shamoun, who belongs to the Syriac-Assyrian community, is still under arrest. There is no information about her whereabouts, her conditions, or the nature of the charges against her.

The Assyrian Democratic Organization strongly condemns the arrest of Mrs. Shamoun, which is carried out illegally and outside the framework of the law, as well as, it is a flagrant violation of her right that is protected and mandated in the charter of Human Rights.

Syria 10/07/2022

The Executive Committee, Assyrian Democratic Organization.

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