ADO i Socialist Internationalens möte

Assyriska Demokratiska Organisationen representeras av Rebecka Barjosef och Ninorta Baravdish vid Socialist Internationalens kongress i Budapest fredagen den 12 juni. Nedan kan ni läsa ADOs tal under mötet och vi kommer med svensk översättning inom kort.

Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Rebecka Barjosef and I represent the Assyrian Democratic Organization from Sweden and on the behalf of the Assyrian Democratic Organization we want to thank PES for the opportunity to address the congress.

The Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO) is an Assyrian political party founded in 1957, striving for establishing a secular, pluralistic and democratic government with a Constitution that recognizes equal ethnic rights for all components of Syria; A Constitution that embodies a universal Syrian national identity, which reflects the national, religious, and cultural diversity within a unified Syria. The ADO pursues nonviolence peaceful and democratic struggle in its quest for change, and renounces violence and extremism, and believes that the only viable solution for the Syrian crisis is a political solution. The ADO is a member of the Damascus Declaration for National Democratic Change, as well as a founding member of the Syrian National Council and the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces.

The situation in the Middle East and mainly the conflict in Syria is catastrophic. The Syrian people’s revolution and call for freedom and democracy has been overshadowed by terror. Tyranny, dictatorship, and the non-existence of a national and democratic government, are a major cause for the rise of terrorism. The international community’s lack of action for the past four years has created the chaotic environment for terrorist groups to develop, grow, and become more powerful despite the lack of support that they receive from the well-known moderate Syrian society. The Syrian people are paying the price for the mistakes, disagreements, and stands of the Right and Left western powers.

The socialist society in the west needs to increase its support for the progressive powers in Syria who strive for peaceful solutions for all components Syrian society. The international community is currently not doing enough to address this matter. Its silence has destroyed the hope of the People of Syria, who are surrounded and threatened by terror, and have fallen victim between the terror of ISIS and al-Qaeda on one hand, and the Assad Regime and Hezbollah on the other. The international Community has a political and moral responsibility in the Syrian conflict to show its support and solidarity with the People of Syria and the progressive powers fighting for freedom and dignity.

The Assyrian people, who are indigenous to the Middle East, are being driven out of their homeland and are facing a major ethnic cleansing campaign, where they are being targeted by the terrorist groups. Hundreds of thousands of Assyrians have already fled their indigenous homeland. Thousands of Assyrians have been killed and abducted by ISIS and other terrorist groups. Their homes have been ransacked and history is being destroyed.

As a solution to the conflict in Syria, the ADO proposes a series of steps that, if followed, would lead to a resolution between the Syrian people and the regime, and to provide international protection and the necessary political and financial support to revive the economy and allow the immigrants and refugees to return to their homes. The next step would entail that the UN declares certain provinces within the country, and mainly the Jazira Region, as a Safe Haven for its inhabitants and for all Syrians from other regions, who wish to take refuge in the safe haven, where the UN provides protection for all residents and displaced refugees. Reconciliation efforts shall be conducted under the supervision of a representative of the UN. This will lead to providing and securing safe and secure corridors, passage routes, and border crossings with neighboring countries.

We can no longer be silent while terror is continuing to expand on the expense of the People of Syria, and mainly the Assyrian Christian community. The democratic and progressive forces in the country must be empowered and supported by the West through SOLIDARITY. The ADO is prepared to work and cooperate with organizations who strive for a FREE and Democratic Syria where all ethnic components have equal human rights in their homeland without the fear of terror and war.

Thank you for your attention.


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