The ADO condemns the Attack of the Kurdish Assayish Units in Qamishli

On Sunday, 11-January-2016, clashes broke out in al-Wusta Quarter of Qamishli, between fighters from the Sootoro Units and the Kurdish Assayish Units, which belong to the proclaimed Self-Administration. Al-Wusta residents are predominantly Assyrian and Christian. The attacks led to the martyrdom of one of the Sootoro members and a civilian, and some of the fighters on both sides were injured and rushed to the hospital.

The Armed clashes broke out between the two sides when members of the Sootoro, guarding one of the Assyrian neighborhoods checkpoints, prevented the Kurdish Assayish who wanted to remove the checkpoint barriers by force. This led the Kurdish Assayish forces to open fire on the Sootoro guards killing Gaby Daoud and wounding his colleague Gaby Barsoum. Then the Kurdish Assayish followed up with a full attack on the Assyrian neighborhood entrances and they removed most of the barriers using mechanical equipment that they had brought along with them, which confirms their predetermined intent. The Sootoro fighters were forced to react and fire back, amid the panic and fear of the civilian Assyrian population in the neighborhood.

In the early hours of the morning, the Sootoro guards had closed the roads leading into the predominantly Assyrian neighborhood of al-Wusta, under the consent or direction of the government security forces as they are still in control of this neighborhood, which is extremely close to its headquarters. The decision to close the entrances was due to fears of a repeated terrorist attack targeting the neighborhood similar to what happened on 30-December-2015.

We, in the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO), condemn this attack by the Assayish forces, and hold them fully responsible for the Martyrs killed during the clash. Such an irrational use of force shows the lack of credibility in building a true partnership in the present and the future. We look with great suspicion to the motives behind this attack, especially since what is known as the (Rojava Assayish) admitted on its official page that the decision for the attack was taken due to the Sootoro setting up check points and barricades. Their behavior has contributed to increasing the level of anxiety, fear and loss of trust, which is extremely destructive for our society and causes the population to lose hope and confidence in the future. Such actions are in contrary to their slogans of coexistence and democratic society. This will lead the Assyrians of Syria and Christians to flee the country and thus they are contributing, alongside of the Regime and terrorist organizations, to the mass exodus of Assyrians and emptying the region of one of its indigenous components.

The ADO, expresses its utmost concern of the Sootoro’s decision in implementing such an important task exclusively. We call upon its members who are our people, family and children, not to get dragged into such conflicts. It is important to comprehend the magnitude of the overlapping interests in this sensitive period in the Jazira Region of Syria. They need to be aware of the agendas of the groups that are trying to take advantage of their vigor and eagerness to sacrifice, which is highly valued by the ADO, in order to serve the agenda of those groups. They must learn from this recent incident, following the intentional inaction of the Regime’s forces, not only in protecting the civilian population on which many are relying, but also in preventing such a clash, which was expected and predicted by everyone.

The Assyrian Democratic Organization, based on its national duty, clear vision and moral goals, as well as its insistence on raising awareness of the extraordinary and dangerous juncture facing our people, despite what the ADO had suffered and continues to endure of harassment, detention and prosecution of its members as a result of its stands where it sees that the only solution for Assyrians and Christians, in general, is in a free democratic Syria with a full partnership with all citizens; the ADO renews its stand that there is no explicit Assyrian solution for our people, and there is no Christian solution for Christians in Syrian, but rather a Syrian solution that can only be accomplished through a mutual partnership with all Syrians and the political and civil forces of Syria. The continued rule of the oppressive and corrupt regime will not result in stability and will continue to threaten society until it eventually implodes. The ADO reiterates its call for our people’s institutions and political parties to overcome their differences and enter together in a serious dialog in order to create a mutual understanding and vision of a common future for our people in the homeland and to work together to alleviate the pain and bring safety to our people.

Our prayers to the souls of the Martyrs and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded.

Long live Syria, a free and united homeland for all its citizens.

Assyrian Democratic Organization
Political Bureau
Syria, 13-January-2016

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