ADO fördömer den turkiska invasionen av norra Syrien

Assyriska Demokratiska Organisationen, ADO fördömer den turkiska invasionen av norra Syrien och uppmanar det internationella samfundet att agera omedelbart för att stoppa upptrappningen av kriget öster om Eufrat, skydda civila, förhindra demografiska förändringar och hindra återkomsten av ISIS. Nedan kan ni läsa engelska översättningen av uttalandet i sitt helhet.


This afternoon, the Turkish government launched a military operation into Syria’s eastern Euphrates area to fight terrorism and achieve peace. The operation includes several areas in the said region, mainly Al Jazira, after Turkey’s disregard to the agreement reached with USA in last August. Initial reports indicate injuries and loss of lives among civilians. As a result there is a massive exodus of people out of several towns and villages from Al Jazira area. Shilling of civilian neighbourhoods in Ras al Ain and Qamishli and other towns are confirmed.

ADO strongly condemns the Turkish incursion into Syria, in which, wouldn’t have taken place without a green light from the US President who disavow the responsibility and commitments promised earlier, as well as, implication of other countries in the Syrian conflict that serve its own interest that are contrary to interest of the Syrian people.

ADO warns against repeating the model of AFRIN in which some factions have committed serious violations against its peaceful people.

The Turkish military operation, Peace Spring, will not achieve peace in the area and tranquillity to its inhabitants. Most likely it will deepen the divisions among them and proliferate internal struggle and prolong the efforts to achieve lasting peace, as well as, complicate further the political process, especially after the UN special envoy to Syria announcement of the formation of constitutional committee.

All this serves the interests of the Syrian regime who is responsible for luring various foreign militias into the conflict and causing disastrous tragedies upon the Syrian people.

ADO calls on the international community to press Turkey to cease all hostilities east of the Euphrates, protect the civilians and stop demographic changes under the pretext of resettling the Syrian refugees, as well as, spare the area of imminent destruction and exodus of new wave of refugees and prevent ISIS from re-emerging. We also call on all parties to work together on all levels, politically and security, to implement UN resolution 2254.

ADO stress’s its concern that the national interest should take place over all other interests or issues and maintaining peace and security must be a priority. We deplore al people of NE Syria to stand united against all discriminating propaganda such as treason and hate. Meaningful political and social dialogue should be the forum in order to prevent divisions that may lead to disastrous outcome.

We also renew our call to the Self Administration and PYD to review and reconsider their political position and experience to include or widen the participation of all segments of the people of Al Jazira to further serve their interests in peace, freedom and democracy. This require severing all contacts or working with PKK, as well as, with the dictatorial regime in Damascus. This will serve to expose all agendas of the parties or countries involved in the Syrian conflict that are trying to serve its own interests with disregard to the security and interests of the Syrian people.

Assyrian Democratic Organization
The Executive Office
October 9/10/2019

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