Konfiskeringar fortsätter

Assyriska Demokratiska Organisationen fördömer stark den konfiskeringen av assyriska egendomar av PYD-styrda administrationen i norra Syrien. Nedan följer Assyriska Demokratiska Organisationens fördömande.

The Assyrian Democratic Organization Condemns the Confiscating of Assyrian Syriacs Properties

In light of the widespread corruption in the administration and institutions of the Syrian regime and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria AANES, the people of Jazeera, Syria,  like other regions in the country, are witnessing the emergence of a new phenomenon of confiscating, by illegal means, the properties of the displaced and immigrant citizens, who left the country in search for safety and dignity to live; to escape unbearable stress and the conditions of war that raged the country.

Many of our Syriac-Assyrian people and Christians in the Jazira region were surprised by the sale of their real estate, most of which are located in important city centers such as Qamishli, al-Hasakah, Derek, and Tal Tamr, by forging documents and signatures of the original owners, with a clear coverup and tacit approval of influential people in the regime’s departments and judicial institutions, as well as, individuals in the de-facto authorities of AANES.

The latest case of deception and forgery that occurred, is clear evidence of the increasing spread of these flagrant abuses of the citizens’ properties. The case in question involves the selling of the property located in the security square zone under the control of the regime located on the western side of St. Jacob Al-Nusaibini Church, St. Jacob the Nisibis, at the intersection of Al-Ra’is and Abi Tammam Streets, owned by Mr. Isaac Afram and his two sons, Jack and Joseph Afram, whom, in a statement issued by them, denied the sale of the property taking place, and confirmed that the sale in question is a fraud, and demanded, in a statement issued to the concerned authorities in AANES  to compensate them and restore their property.

The spread of the sale news has fueled feelings of anger and anxiety among the people of the Al-Jazira region in general, and among our people in the homeland and the diaspora in particular, who are now afraid of similar fraudulent seizing of their properties, which may be organized, because these practices represent a flagrant violation of ownership, the most basic rights of citizens, which is guaranteed by local and international laws.

We in the Assyrian Democratic Organization warn against continuing these practices that would perpetuate the law of the jungle, which empowers individuals in power to abuse citizens, on the one hand, and the far-reaching intentions that entail a policy framework of demographic change of the people in the region, on the other. We condemn all real estate fraud sales of immigrants, which take place with the tacit support of some corrupt and influential people in the administrations and agencies of the Syrian regime and the Autonomous Administration. As we call on law enforcement officials to carry out their responsibilities to expose forgers and bring them to trial and return the properties to the original and legal owners. We will monitor the cases of property abuses of the citizens, especially those of the  Syriac Assyrian people, to recover all properties illegally changed hands and bring those involved in forgery operations to trial, whether inside or outside Syria.

Syria 7/10/2022
Assyrian Democratic Organization                                              
Information office.

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